Sunday, November 17, 2013

Two Months

I can't believe a month has gone by since I posted an update! We are doing well in the Esqueda house. Andrew is really busy with work and is now coaching wrestling for Roswell High School. His weekends are now dedicated to wrestling tournaments! Isaiah and I get a lot of mommy son time while daddy is away!

This past week our little guy hit the two month mark!

He has gotten much bigger

Over the past month....
Isaiah has met a lot of new faces, all of them are very important people in our lives!!
Right after Isaiah turned a month old he got to meet Grandma and Grandpa Diego! Andrew's parent's flew in from San Diego and got to spend three full days snuggling and holding their newest grandson! We had lots of fun spending quality time with them. There was no agenda or plan which was really nice!!
Snuggling with Grandma 
Dinner at Greenwoods!

A few weeks ago two of my BEST friends flew out to Atlanta to meet Isaiah! Four days flew by, but we packed a lot in. Drank coffee, ate fried food, went for walks, got our nails done, drank good wine, and watched some football! It meant so much that these girls took time off to come meet our baby! I miss them horribly right now.
Rachel and Janelle w/Isaiah
Southern BBQ at Swallow in the Hollow
Nov. 1st we road tripped to Charlotte NC to spend the weekend with my sister, her hubby and my two nieces! They all loved meeting the baby! We did a whole lot of eating, watching tv, drinking good beer, and taking walks!
Cousin Ayla w/baby Isaiah
Cousin Mia! AKA: my nursing assistant
My Beautiful Sis with her new Nephew!
Last weekend our friends Brad and Addie got to stay with us while they were here for a youth ministry conference, which Andrew attended as well. The weekend flew by. They got here from Spokane on Thursday night and flew out Sunday early evening. Brad was here earlier this summer to speak at the RPC youth summer camp. It was fun to have him back so soon! Next time they both need to bring their spouses!
Addie and Brad
Brad's 2nd daughter Alice is three days younger then Isaiah and I guess she's three times smaller. I'm not shocked. But, I am planning to set Isaiah up with Alice!

Isaiah had his first Halloween!! He was the cutest little spider I've ever seen. Thanks to our friend Lyndsay for letting him barrow the costume.
little spider!
During his second month of life Isaiah had his first...

  • trip to downtown Atlanta with mommy and daddy
  • day at daycare
  • full night of sleep :)
  • run with mommy
  • shot at the doctor's office
  • and he rolled over for the first time from his tummy to his back
Last but certainly not least; the most frequent comment we get about our baby is "THAT HAIR". Yes, that hair is all natural not styled in any way. He has a natural mohawk and it's pretty funny to see. 

check out his hair :)

Two Month Stats

Height: 24 inches - 84% (he grew an inch since last month)
Weight: 12 lbs 6 oz - 65% (gained 2 lbs 1 oz since last month)