Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Isaiah John~ 11 months

Our little buddy turned 11 months old a couple weeks ago. He is turning into such a little boy. I'm sad that the baby phase is quickly coming to an end, but he is so much fun right now! He is always moving, talking, screaming, and laughing.
We have had a really busy summer! Lots of fun in the sun, trips to the West Coast, summer camp, pool time, and delicious BBQ. Here are some pics to tell it all...
Hardly sits still for a picture anymore!
Just looking like the cutest baby ever...
We have made some trips to the park this summer and Isaiah can't get enough of the baby swing. Nothing cuter then a little baby in a swing! We have also been meeting up with Isaiah's friend Hadley and her mama Katie for walks and play-dates! This has been so refreshing for me. ALL (and I literally mean all) of our friends back in Spokane have had babies within the last year and a half, making it incredibly difficult to be so far away. I have been so blessed to know a new, working mama like Katie who has a daughter so close to Isaiah's age.
Isaiah LOVES the swing
Isaiah and his little friend Hadley
Still can't get enough of that thumb!
Isaiah and I flew up to Spokane just before he turned 11 months. He is quite the little traveler. The flight up there was not the best. We drove to the airport with a tornado warning in effect, torrential rain, and thunder and lightning directly over us. It took an hour and a half to get to the airport, at which point, Isaiah was taken from one constraining device (car seat) to another (stroller). We ran through the airport because the tram was being worked on. And to top it off the AC in the airport was out. Also, our flight was delayed. So, not a good start to our trip! Here are some pictures from our trip, starting with the not-so-amazing flight up there, to the fun we had while we were there!!
Found our seats & had the row to ourselves :)
Whatever it takes, right? I cried just as much as he screamed :(
Flying into my favorite state, OREGON!! 
The flight from Portland to Spokane was much better. A sweet mama moved seats so that I could have the row to myself again. As soon as we took off, Isaiah passed out!! Probably because I consumed a beer in the PDX airport!!
Our trip in a nut shell. One hot mess!
But, we made it! I enjoyed spending a ton of time with my college roommates and best friends! Isaiah didn't see anyone except Gramma and Grandpa for the entire trip.
Pre-wedding drinks!
@ the ceremony
Some things never change. We are ridiculous!
This girl is getting married in 2015!! 
Here is what Isaiah was up to while mommy was out with her friends...
Play date with Uncle Sean
Just chillin'
No caption necessary. I mean, look at him!!

Pure joy

We had such a good trip, and we were both ready to get back!! Daddy was excited to see his boy and missed us both. Thankfully the flight home was much better!!

Happy boy in the airport

Little Isaiah facts~
Favorite food: Sweet potato, avocado, quinoa, peaches, coconut milk yogurt, O's, sunflower buttter & banana sandwiches
What's new? Isaiah now says "bye bye" and waves. Whenever I am talking on the phone and he hears me say "I'll talk to you later, bye" he immediately starts waving. He likes sticking out his tongue and blowing spit everywhere. He is pulling himself up really well. No steps yet. He has stood up on his own a couple times, but falls to the ground rather quickly.
What's coming up? Our dear friends Heidi & Kyle and their daughter Luxe are coming to Atlanta to visit us. They live in Spokane and we became close with them just as we were thinking about moving South :( We can't wait to spend the weekend with them. We'll be giving them a taste of the South!
Grandma and Grandpa Diego are coming for his first birthday! We are so excited to have them here.
Our little guy is almost ONE!!!