Monday, June 16, 2014

Isaiah John 9 months

On Friday the 13th Isaiah turned NINE months old! It's hard to believe that in 3 months he will be ONE year old!! I didn't end up doing a post when he turned 8 months old. So far, the 7 to 8 month jump felt like the biggest one developmentally. And the 8 to 9 month jump has felt the toughest.

When he was 7.5 months old he started crawling. It was right before we left to go to Spokane. It was so cute! We flew back to Atlanta on May 13th, the day Isaiah turned 8 months old. When we got back he realized that there was no need to crawl at such a slow speed and to stay on the carpet where mommy put him. He was off and there has been no stopping him since...

He loves exploring and checking out his surroundings! We love watching him cater to his own curiosity. From day one Isaiah has been a very alert baby and over the past month he's used that to his advantage. He notices everything around him and does what he can to get his hands on anything and everything.

He has also gotten really into reading! He loves being read to and reading to us. It's so cute to watch his face light up when I grab a book off of his shelf and open it up. Bath has always been a part of his bedtime routine, but recently we've added books as well.

 A couple weekends ago we hit up the farmer's market in Alpharetta. We LOVE going to the market. Fresh, local food is something we value a great deal. We want to teach Isaiah to eat well and support local farmers; so not only is the farmer's market fun, but it will help Isaiah know good food.

Ready for the market

We got some good produce. The berries were amazing. I ended up making a recipe out of the most recent Vegetarian Times for caramelized okra and corn with coconut, Mint, and Lime. Recipe Here

His appetite has not gotten any smaller! He loves food and has liked nearly everything we put in front of him. I recently started making smoothies for him and he really likes that. The cold feels good on his teeth.

We don't have his stats yet, he goes to the doctor this Friday so I may get back on here and update them. I have a feeling he's grown a lot since he was weighed last. 

Quick Isaiah Facts:
Teeth: 6 (two on bottom, 4 on top)
Sleep: he's digressed a little in this department. wakes up anywhere between 6 and 7 now. I used to be able to depend on 7 every morning. Still, I can't complain.
Favorite Food: lentils, bananas, puffs, beans, avocado 
Favorite Hobby: clapping, waving, reading, crawling anywhere and everywhere
Loves: music!!
Hates: He seriously hates getting his diaper changed right now

We love him so much!