Sunday, May 18, 2014

San Diego Part II (a month later)

Now that we are back from our second trip this spring I will finish posting about our first trip. Oops, got a little behind on the updating.

...After our 24 hours in Pasadena and a short visit with Andrew's Aunt in Orange County we made our way back down to San Diego to settle in for a week. We were all exhausted from flying across 3 time zones, so the thought of staying put for a week was exciting.

Of course the best part about San Diego is the beach! I couldn't wait to get Isaiah's toes in the sand and water. Here are some pictures from our day at the beach with the three of us and grandma Diego!

I think the pictures do it enough justice that I don't need to say much. After we felt we had enough sand in our toes and salty mist in our hair we made our way to a local coffee shop to grab a cup to go. Andrew and I had never been to Bird Rock Coffee so we were so excited to try it out. And it didn't disappoint in the least!

Andrew and I were able to get away just the two of us on a few different occasions. Free babysitting, especially when it's by a grandma, is the best. We took an afternoon and went back to Bird Rock and hit the beach again.

Later in the week we snuck away in the evening for a date! We hit up Ballast Point Brewery for a tour and a tasting then went to dinner.

Andrew's best man in our wedding still lives in San Diego and every time we go back we make it a point to see Brett and his wife Kayla. We had them over for pizza and talked about our southern culture shock (Kayla is from Alabama)! They loved Isaiah! The best part about seeing them was hearing the great news that they are expecting their first baby in November!

This trip felt like a true vacation. We both needed a little time away; soaking up the salty air and the california sun did the trick. Andrew's dad was only there for the first half of the trip due to a conference he had planned to go to in Minnesota. Isaiah got A LOT of fun time with Grandma Diego and Great Grandpa Gale. We made lots of yummy meals, talked over cups of coffee, and took walks in the sun. We left feeling great about the way we spent our time. more pictures...

Couldn't ask for a better MIL, she's such a loving grandma and cares about me so much :)