Sunday, April 13, 2014

San Diego Part 1

A couple weeks ago Andrew, Isaiah, and I made our way to San Diego to visit Andrew's family and just plain get away! It was such a wonderful trip with so many fun memories. We spent lots of time outside, drinking coffee/beer (not at the same time), eating delicious food, and looking out onto the beautiful beaches. I'll start from the beginning...

We left on a Thursday evening. It wasn't a red eye, we took off at 7:00 and landed at 8:30 West Coast time (weird huh?!) It was Isaiah's first flight, so I was a little nervous going into it. I just had no idea what to expect. I had read a lot before going into it, so I felt somewhat prepared. I knew that the flight wasn't going to go on forever, so no matter how bad it was, it would eventually end (much like labor, ha!).

Packing madness! 
Isaiah's beach outfit, ready to go!
All-in-all Isaiah's first flight went really well. He slept for some of it, ate for most of it, and was awake and happy in between :)

I'm ready for my first flight! 
Eating sweet potatoes at our gate. Yummy!
Ready for take off! Two rookie parents w/smiles :)
Right when we arrived we got settled in, and went to sleep. Early the next morning we packed up the car for an overnight trip to Pasadena.

We didn't put him to bed before Abuelo and Grandma Diego got some snuggles!
We hadn't been back to Pasadena since we'd left at the very end of 2011. Both of us were looking forward to visiting old land marks and seeing really close friends! We hit the road at 6:30 in order to beat traffic and make it to a meeting Andrew had with the former president of Fuller Seminary. While Andrew had his meetings I got to spend some time with our first friends in Pasadena and former commune roomies!

Since living together in the "commune" all three couples have had babies. I loved introducing Lahela and her adorable daughter to Lucy. It was so sweet to see how they interacted together. Lahela's husband Kyle was working all day so us ladies, and gentleman, got to spend the day walking around old town Pasadena together.

 First stop, Intelligentsia Coffee Bar! As many of you know we are coffee lovers/snobs. This is one of the best stops for delicious coffee. It was a bit intimidating to me as all of the staff at Intelligentsia are competition baristas. I know more about coffee then the average person, but I was still nervous when I ordered. Needless to say, my soy latte was amazing. And it was also $6 w/tip.

The coffee bar 
My yummy latte
Lucy and I enjoying our coffee date 

On our way back to Lahela's apartment we spent some time on the Fuller campus. The above picture is me and Isaiah in front of the Fuller library. I told Isaiah that his daddy used to work and study in that library, but he didn't seem to care.

That evening Andrew and some guys hit up some beers at a happy hour while Lahela, Lucy, Isaiah and I spent some more time in Old Town Pasadena.

So, the guy in the back right is who used to have Andrew's job at Roswell Pres. He now attends Fuller. Weird how Andrew and Stephen pretty much switched places and not they're both friends with each other's friends. Bekah, Stephen's sister, and I have become really good friends here in Roswell! Front right is Kyle, Lahela's husband.

Hanging out in Old Town!
The next morning we headed over to see the family I used to nanny for. I couldn't wait to see Jonah and meet his little brother Davin who was already two.

 Jonah was so excited to meet Isaiah! And he was soooo happy to see Andrew and I. Andrew and I lived with the Browns for our last two months in Pasadena which gave us so much bonding time with Jonah before we moved away. We enjoyed the morning with them, eating cinnamon rolls, playing on the floor, and catching up on life. We miss them tremendously!

Andrew and jonah playing on the floor!
The sweetest thing ever!
Next we made our way down to Orange County to introduce Isaiah to Andrew's aunt Evette! We couldn't wait for her to meet him.

She loved him, and so did her bulldog Maddie :) Andrew's parents met us up there for the afternoon/evening. We sat outside and chatted for quite awhile before getting sushi take-out for dinner.
too cute :) 
Grandma Diego LOVED her time with Isaiah! 
We love Aunt Evette
That was just the first 48 hours of our trip. At the time, Isaiah was a little crabby from the time change and from being on a plane and in the car so much. Looking back I see how much we crammed into the 48 hours after we touched down in San Diego and it's apparent to me that Isaiah was a trooper!!

San Diego part two will be up soon. And a 7 month post as well. Can't believe our little man is 7 month old already! 

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