Thursday, April 17, 2014

Isaiah John 7 Months

Our little guy turned 7 months old on Sunday. I'll spare you all and not say "It's going by so fast" (except it is). He has had a huge month!! Below are some pictures...

 He is such a bubbly happy baby boy. We are so lucky that he is smiling 95% of the time!

Chewing on anything and everything at this point
The above picture is one of my favorite pictures of Isaiah. Ever. It is so telling of his personality! He is so smiley and happy. Even when he's mad he still finds a way to be happy!

Biggest smile you can't even see his eyes!

We've been taking lots of walks lately
I love this view :)
with daddy
Watching march madness with GAN (Great Aunt Nancy)
He's not very good at feeding himself
Quick Isaiah Facts:

New foods this month: Green Beans! He doesn't like them yet. He's eaten anything so far, but he sits there with the green beans in his month for a long time before he swallows them. Sometimes he spits them out, but usually he just lets them hang out for a while. He also had quinoa and LOVED it! He's a boy after his mama's vegetarian heart :)
Firsts this month: Flight! He had his first flight, across the country I might add, and did wonderfully. He also had his first St. Patricks Day. He wore lots of green that day and joined us for Andrew's work happy hour. He was passed around and got lots of squeezes from friends!
Sleep: Same as last month
Teeth: Right in the midst of getting more teeth in
New Experience: His little tiny baby feet got buried in the sand and dipped in the ocean water.

Dear Isaiah~
You are already 7 months old, can't hardly stand how fast this year is flying by. You put a spring in our step and so much love in our hearts! What did we ever do before you were around? You are becoming such a curious little baby boy; always looking around at people, toys, and mostly food :) The other day I went into your room and watched you sleep. It was the sweetest thing. I kept telling myself "I want to remember how small he is. I want to remember how sweet he is." While you are still just a baby, one day you'll be 7 then 17 then 27 and this day when you're just 7 months old will seem so far back. I love you to the moon and back. No matter how old you are or how far away you move on your adventures in life, you will always be my little boy!!

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