Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring & thoughts on mother's day!

The weather is just starting to warm up here in Atlanta and it is fantastic! I will be totally honest (speaking for myself) I've been VERY grateful for this cooler spring we've had here. From the locals I've heard that it tends to start getting warm mid April, but I this year the cooler temps have lasted up until now! Being Pregnant and living in the south are two very new things to me so we'll see how the next three months go :)

We've taken advantage of the not-so-warm temps by getting outside and enjoying it before the temps go WAY up! A couple weekends ago we hit up the Sandy Springs farmers market and got some delicious Organic strawberries. At some point on the weekend we usually find ourself at a coffee shop sharing a french press and a cookie together.

I've also been reading a lot about urban gardening. I am learning lots and can't wait to get started on some gardening in the near future.

On to baby...

What a cutie :) This picture is from my 19 week ultrasound. Hard to believe that was already 4 weeks ago. Time is flying by, and although I'm looking forward to meeting the little one in September I've been enjoying feeling all the little thumps and kicks inside my belly.

As Mother's Day is approaching I've been thinking a lot about the fact that this is the last mother's day that wil go by without me being a mom. Next mother's day I will be holding a chunky 9 month old! I have so many different feelings about becoming a mom. Mostly excitement and a little scared/nervous too. Nervous because I know that motherhood can be a huge source of joy but if I'm not careful, motherhood can become a large factor in how I determine my self worth. It's so easy for a women to use her accomplishments in motherhood as a grading scale that determines her self worth. While there are so many things to get wrapped up in as a mother-to-be (nursery decor, names, child-care, and labor/delivery) what I have been trying to focus on is becoming an even better person every day. I've always tried to be good at self reflecting (something my husband does very well!) but now more then ever is when I want to become more selfless, cultured, aware, and giving.

I am thankful for my wonderful mama and all that she has done to bring joy to my life. My mom is such a kind and loving person! I am grateful for her in my life, especially as I transition into motherhood!

I also have an extremely loving mother-in-law who has embraced me as one of her own and given me endless amounts of advice and wisdom!

I am feeling awfully sentimental and have so many emotions about this mother's day! One of the best mother's-day-to-be gifts I can think to receive is actually seeing my mom and mother-in-law in person!!! We will be traveling up to Spokane on Tuesday for my little brother-in-law's college graduation! I am so excited to see family!!

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