Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Warm Welcome

Since the minute we arrived in Atlanta we have been taken care of and in a lot of ways spoiled by all the people we are meeting.  From dinners, drinks, a house to live in, and tours of the city we feel our welcome couldn't have been warmer.  A couple weeks after we got here Andrew's Aunt Evette flew to Atlanta for a work conference.  I was so excited when I learned that she was going to be here because I knew it would feel good to see family so soon after moving away.  Evette treated us to an amazing dinner in Buckhead at Bistro Niko.

This past weekend some of our new friends took us out to an AMAZING dinner at Rathbun's.  If you haven't learned it yet, Andrew and I are total foodies.  We love eating, cooking, going out, reading & writing new recipes, and watching the Food Network.  So, we were so excited to go to such a well acclaimed restaurant like Rathbum's. The owner and executive chef has competed against Bobby Flay on Iron Chef.  The food was to die for and we felt so spoiled to eat at such a nice restaurant.  I took a few photos at dinner. It was extremely dim lighting so some of the pictures aren't that great. We started with an appetizer of bone marrow that you spread on crusted bread with plum preserves and maldon salt (a finishing salt).  It sounds disgusting, but it was pretty tasty.  And yes, like a stellar & committed vegetarian, I tasted it.  Totally worth it.

Here's a look at some of the food we had...

Drew's Pork Chops with Corn Bread Pudding

House made pasta with lobster,
edamame, and saffron Parsnip Cream

the 4 of us shared dessert.  The Toffee cake and
carrot cake doughnut were my favorite
Thanks Laura and Kevin for an awesome dinner and tour of downtown Atlanta!!

We will be heading to Portland next week to be with family on Thanksgiving (awesome) and to attend Andrew's grandmother's memorial service (not awesome). We are so thankful for the church members that used their airline miles to help us fly back to the Northwest.  It will be fun to see family, but we wish it wasn't under these circumstances.  I will have lots of pictures and updates after our trip.


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  1. Great pics of the dinner! Makes me want to go back!!