Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oregon/Washington Part 1

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! As I shared in my previous post Andrew and I traveled up to Vancouver Washington for Andrew's Grandma's memorial over Thanksgiving.  The circumstances weren't ideal, but we made the most of our time there and it was wonderful to be around family for the holiday! Since so much happened and I took A LOT of pictures I will fill everyone in with two posts instead of one long drawn out post!

We arrived in Vancouver on Tuesday and spent the afternoon grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and spending time with Grandpa!

On Wednesday Drew and I drove to Salem to spend the day with Daniel (Drew's brother), Bethanee (his wife), and Vera (our beautiful niece)!! On our way into Salem we stopped and had coffee with some of our dear friends that we met (and lived with) in Pasadena! The best part of our coffee date with Kyle and Lahela was finally meeting their daughter Lucy!

After 8 months, we finally met Lucy! Cute huh?

Happy Family of 3!


  • turkey
  • mashed potatoes with gravy 
  • roasted brussels sprouts with almonds currents and rosemary
  • arctic Freeze
  • roasted yams and sweet potatoes
  • stuffing 
  • homemade rolls
  • traditional green bean casserole 
  • apple up-side down pie
  • apple streusel pecan pie
  • sweet potato pie with ginger snap crust
  • chocolate cream pie

It was a group effort to create this Thanksgiving menu and it was so yummy! My favorites were the stuffing, roasted yams and sweet potatoes and the brussels!

Working hard to get dinner on the table!

Mr. Chef sauteing the brussels sprouts.  Although they weren't the crowd favorite (what do people have against brussels sprouts anyway) I LOVED them :)

Our favorite Thanksgiving treat...

Vera and I
Uncle Drew and Vera

Thanksgiving was yummy, filling, and loud, the way it's supposed to be. We sat around talking, drinking, laughing, eating, and just enjoying each other's company!

Part 2 of our Portland trip coming soon!

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