Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oregon/Washington Part 2

....SORRY for the lack of posts lately. Life happens and we have been going at a million miles a minute!! It's a good thing, totally a good thing.

I did want to finish my post about our trip to Oregon and Washington. So, here goes...

One of my very favorite aspects of our trip up to the NW was spending time with my parents in Portland.  Neither of them have spent time in Portland and my dad being the foodie, wine/beer/coffee lover, chef that he is had no business missing out on such a cultural driven, foodie city!!

First things first, off to our FAVORITE coffee shop. And lets be honest, Andrew and I are obsessed with coffee. So, for us to say favorite is a huge deal!

Doesn't get much better then this!

After consuming some of the best coffee at Barista we made our way to Powell's books. A HUGE book store that I could easily spend all day in.

We are total tourists
We hit up my favorite store next Anthropologie my mom bought a candle and I just drooled over the extravagant home decorative items, dishes, comforters and candles.

After a little shopping we went to Rogue for a little beer tasting and then hit up an amazing Mexican bistro in the Pearl District for dinner.

On Saturday we spent the day remembering Andrew's grandma. Her memorial service was a great time of reflection. Grandma Prebble was one of the most loving women I have ever met. She never spoke badly of anyone and was committed to loving and praying for all of her grandchildren.  She will be missed dearly and we are so greatful that she is in a better place now!

There's really no smooth transition from the last paragraph to this next part but here goes.
On Sunday morning my parents were set to head back to Spokane around noon so we took advantage of a few more hours in Portland.

First stop...

Voodoo doughnut is it's own beast. World famous for its bacon maple bar, this place is hoppin'. We took our doughnuts over to Stumptown coffee down the street to load up on coffee! My [vegan] chocolate peanut butter doughnut was to die for!


Social media is taking over our world :) gotta check-in, instagram, text etc. 

My wonderful mama!

It was hard to say good-bye to my parents. Of course. Although the circumstances were kind of crappy it was great to see my parents and Andrew's family as well.

Last but Certainly not least. Andrew and I went to Salem after my parents left and got to see some of our great friends and former house-mates, Nate and Kristi from Pasadena.

 Little David wasn't too excited about taking a picture. Nate and Kristi were so sweet to come to Church on Sunday night to see Andrew and his family lead worship.  They are expecting their second boy in early May! 

Vera and David became little buddies at Chruch.
It was so sweet to watch them  play together!!
All things considered, we had a great trip to the Northwest!! It was really hard to leave, but we are getting even more settled here in Atlanta!

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