Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Isaiah John 5 months

*I wrote this post a couple weeks ago and never clicked "publish" oops! 
How is this happening? 5 months already?! Time is flying and we are loving every moment with our little bum. Lots of firsts this month...

5 months old! 2/13/14 
First sippy cup~he loves it!

 Isaiah experienced his first southern snow day(s), pictured below. He doesn't look too happy, but I think he's just taking it all in. During the snow storm it was the perfect time to start solids. So, on Jan 29th Isaiah had his first bite of rice cereal. And he LOVED it! He's already a foodie :)

I love the snow!
I love food!
Daddy feeding baby Isaiah

This was the best year for Isaiah to experience the super bowl because MY team won. Go Seahawks. The three of us dressed in our bright greenish yellow and dark blue to represent. It was such a fun party with some of our best friends.

Last, but certainly not least, those teeth. Plural. Not only did the kid cut one tooth, he managed to get another one in a couple weeks later. We had a few rough nights, but just one week before he turned 5 months old I saw that the first one had popped through. These teeth make feeding time a little interesting, and sometimes painful :(

We love you little Isaiah! You are precious!

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